Choosing the Best Prefinished Hardwood Floor

prefinidhed hardwood

With the prefinished type of hardwood flooring, it is finished in the factory setting, ready for homeowners to install. There are a lot of advantages of choosing a prefinished type of hardwood flooring.

Advantages of prefinished hardwood flooring


This type is flooring is more durable than the other types since their finish is done using aluminum oxide substance that harder than polyurethane used on the unfinished hardwood floors. They are less likely to scratch or dent giving the floor a good-looking finish for a long time, unlike the unfinished ones who have to be refinished after few years.durability

Easy installation

These floors are easy to install since the floor is installed and may be used the very day it is installed. With the unfinished type, you have to let the wood acclimate, install, stain then let it dry before using if it is finished, this may take some days.

Better look

Prefinished hardwood floors usually have a better look than the unfinished ones since they come in various textures, styles, colors, and sizes so you can choose a look that you find pleasant.

Tips for choosing prefinished hardwood floors

When searching for prefinished flooring options, you need to have some things in mind. The following are some of the things you will have to consider.


You need to keep in mind the age of the kids you have in the house since different ages may create different challenges. For instance, if there are toddlers in the house, the hardwood floor needs to more resistant to stain and easier to clean. If they are teenagers, you may go for flooring which is more resistant to scratch. The main thing is that you choose a floor which will last, more so if you do not plan to sell your home.


This is a vital factor more so if you are working on a fixed budget. You want a prefinished hardwood floor of good quality which will hold up to tear and wear and last. However, you need a price range and stick to it. Some offer payment options if you cannot get the right flooring that suits your price range.

Ease of installation

intallationIf you plan to install the flooring yourself, you need to choose a type that glues down or snaps together since you will not need a lot of technical skills. Some stores offer free or reduced installation.

Ensure you check out several flooring and home improvement shops before choosing to ensure you are getting the best deal on new flooring options you intend to choose.