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Town View c1940


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Hermosa, CO
Elevation 6,645 feet.
Denver  462.5 miles.

Hermosa is one of the towns on the line that existed prior to the coming of the railroad. It was established in 1873 by settlers who farmed and raised live stock. Hermosa is the Spanish word for beautiful.

At one time Hermosa was a full railroad section camp with a wye, depot, section house, bunkhouse, water and coal house. Today in the yard area you will find an easy to get to example of the D&RG style water tank. This tank is currently missing its spout. That may be it on the tank car? See the water tank at Chama, NM for more details.

A line crew maintenance shed houses a speeder and other equipment. Next to the shed is an old mail car numbered X66.

Trimble Springs is a small community about 2 miles south of Hermosa. A Mr. Trimble discovered the hot springs in the area and eventually the area became a health resort. Claims were made that the waters from the spring could cure all kinds of illness and bad habits.


Hermosa Creek Bridge
Elevation 6,645 feet.
Denver  462.4 miles.

Just south of the Hermosa yard you can easily find the Hermosa Creek Bridge. This is a wonderful Howe pony truss that is 65 feet long. The wooden structure was erected in 1914.


A detailed example of a similar truss can be found at the 15th St. Bridge in Durango.



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