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Dallas Divide
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Dallas Divide 2000


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Dallas Divide, CO
Elevation  8,989 feet.
RGS Mile Post 13.3

This broad valley saddle is located at the crest of the Uncompahgre Plateau and the base of Mt. Sneffels just a little west of Ridgway. The area is interspersed with trees including patches of aspen. There is abundant wildlife and pretty good fishing. 

The railroad tracks from Ridgway are steep at a 4 percent grade. Heading the other direction, west, the grade is still steep at 3 percent all the way to Placerville.

Dallas Divide never had a railroad depot and was not a "regular" stop for the railroad. Instead the trains were flagged to stop by using hand signals as the train approached.

There were two sidings with a 52 car total capacity and a wye that allowed the engines to turn around. Buildings included a Section House, Bunk House, Coal Shed, Car Shed, and stock pens.


Dallas Divide rail yard c1900


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