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Parkdale, CO
Elevation 5,800 feet.
Population 87 (c1920).
Denver 171 miles.

First known as McCandless Ford, this area enjoyed several name changes in the early days. Mr. McCandless owned a ranch where the wagon road crossed the Arkansas River, and thus the small development at the site took his name. Soon the name became Twelve Mile Ford because it was located 12 miles from Canon City. Next a bridge was constructed at the river crossing and the site became simply "Bridge". Finally in 1887 then name was changed to Parkdale.

A post office operated intermittently from 1880 to 1970 when it was closed for good. 

Parkdale was basically a siding for the D&RG railroad. In 1948 a feldspar plant was constructed near the siding. Recently the tracks have seen action from the new excursion train up the Royal Gorge, and from loads generated by the nearby quarry.


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