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Main Street c1900


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Florence, CO
Elevation 5,199 feet.
Population 2,629 (c1920).
Denver 152 miles.

At the confluence of Eight Mile Creek and the Arkansas River a mining supply camp developed on the trail to the Cripple Creek mining district.

In 1872, one of the first things the young D&RG railroad did was build a narrow gauge line to the town of Florence, and begin tapping the coal reserves around Coal Creek. In 1873 over 13,000 tons of coal were hauled off and most of it went to fire railroad locomotives.

In 1894, David Moffat built the Florence and Cripple Creek line into the Cripple Creek area and hauled ore to Florence. This track connected with the D&RG in Florence.

Florence was an early pioneer in the production and refinement of oil. Well number 42 was drilled in 1889 and it has become the oldest continually producing well in the world. There are hundreds of wells in the region known as the "Florence Pool."

Florence had a more modern brick Depot with its own architectural style but still faithful to the D&RG look. It was a smaller structure with a hip roof and brick columns along the tracks.


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