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castle rock depot view pc.jpg (82245 bytes)
Town View with
Depot c1910


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Castle Rock, CO
Elevation 6,218 feet.
Population 461 (c1920).
Denver 33 miles.

Castle Rock is about the most dominant feature on the Denver and Rio Grande (D&RG) railroad tracks between Denver and Palmer Lake. This rock and earth formation is an ancient volcano cone where the last eruption of molten lava cooled in the neck of the volcano, and then the lighter cinder cone has eroded away leaving the vertical standing lava rock at the top.

Silas Madge had a ranch about 2 miles south of the Castle Rock in the 1870's. He had a sample of the lava stone assayed and it showed there were no precious metals but the stone itself was very high quality and could be used for building. Acting on the assay results, Silas began a quarry and convinced the D&RG to build a siding for loading and hauling the stones. The quarry became very well known producing high quality lava building stone. The stone was even used in the original portion of the Denver Union Depot.



The Depot at Castle Rock was a stone structure with a typical D&RG architectural style wooden roof. 

During operation of the Joint Line from Denver to Pueblo, the D&RG depot served northbound traffic and the AT&SF Depot on the other side of town served southbound trains.


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