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Town view c1910


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Main Street c1900


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Tolland, CO
Elevation  8,886 feet.
Denver 46.9 miles.

Tolland is located in Gilpin County along South Boulder Creek in the high mountains. The site was originally called Mammoth after Mammoth Gulch above town. This was an early mining town and stage station on the line across Rollins Pass to Middle Park.

The Denver Northwestern and Pacific railroad built tracks into Mammoth in 1904. The rail line continued west across the continental divide and into Middle Park. Mammoth sat at the bottom of the great climb over Rollins Pass.  Here the railroad had a tortuous climb back and forth up the grade, even looping around and crossing itself. This part of the line became known as the "Giant's Ladder" after its builder, David Moffat, considered a giant among the men of the day.

In 1904, the Toll family, a large land holder in the area, changed the town name to what else, Tolland. They had built the Toll Inn, a luxury resort at the site and Mrs. Toll was the postmistress for the town.

Tourists rode the "Moffat Line" by the thousands. They often stopped at Tolland to have lunch or go hiking or any other number of activities that Americans have always enjoyed on summer afternoons in the mountains. 

As the railroad matured, and the Moffat Tunnel was constructed, what mining and timber activity there was around Tolland dwindled. The tourists began to find other stops more enticing. Eventually the railroad support at Tolland was unneeded, and the train normally just passed through without stopping.

Today Tolland is still a nice quiet community of mostly summer homes. Many of the original structures still exist and have been restored.



Tolland was a helper station for the climb over Rollins Pass and had a number of maintenance and support facilities for the railroad. The tracks had a long turning wye and passing siding. A three stall Engine House was used to work on the locomotives. Coal was supplied in a large coaling trestle. There was also a Depot and Water Tank.


tolland yard c1910.gif (6476 bytes)
Tolland rail yard c1910




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