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Poncha Springs town view 2004


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Poncha Springs, CO
Elevation 7,481 feet.
Denver 220.1 miles.

Poncha springs was probably given its name from the Indian word "Poncha" which means warm, a tribute to the 99 warm springs in the nearby mountains.

James True was first to setup shop in the area. He was anticipating the coming mining boom in the mountains to the west and picked his site at the existing crossroads of the time. Eventually the site became an important supply center for the area miners and for those passing through to the Gunnison and San Luis valleys. 

The crossroads at Poncha Springs took travelers in any of four directions, eventually. New trails were being blazed to the mining areas accessed over Marshall Pass to the west and Poncha Pass to the south.

In addition to being a supply center, the miners used Poncha Springs as a resort while others touted it for its fine health center.

The Railroad never had facilities at Poncha Springs but built their tracks through nearby Poncha Junction and Mears Junction

In 1882 much of the town of Poncha Springs was destroyed by fire. Most of the lost buildings were never rebuilt as folks moved to the nearby growing town of Salida to setup shop.

Today the Poncha Springs development still exists around the newer paved highway crossroads. 




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