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delta town view yard depot c1930 pc.jpg (79796 bytes)
Town View c1930

delta colorado main street c1930 pc.jpg (73412 bytes)
Main Street c1930


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Delta, CO
Elevation 4,980 feet.
Denver 335.9 miles.

Delta lies at the junction of the Gunnision and Uncompahgre Rivers in a wide valley about 30 miles southeast of Grand Junction. This area contains some of Colorado's finest ranch land.



Don Juan Rivera first explored the region in 1761. He carved his name in a cottonwood tree near the current site of Delta. In the 1830ís, a Frenchman named Antoine Roubideau established a trading post about 4 to 5 miles west of Delta. Soldiers camped there and it was called Fort Uncompahgre (Roubideau Trading Post).

The Uncompahgre town site was first platted in 1882. Later the name was changed to Delta because of its location on the delta of the Uncompahgre and Gunnison Rivers. At the time the site of some 540 acres was covered with squawberry bushes and brush. 

Raising livestock is one of the oldest industries in Delta county. In the early 1880ís the countryside was all open range with some fences being constructed in 1887. Cattle brands used prior to 1900 are still in use today. 



A thriving town today, Delta has a lovely farm town atmosphere. Ranching and agriculture is still the biggest industry in the region.

Delta maintains an extensive historical program and there are several museums and exhibits to explore. Furthermore Delta is the gateway into the Uncompahgre National Forest and the Grand Mesa. A recreation of the original Fort Uncompahgre has been constructed and offers a variety of history exhibits.



The original rail yard was built narrow gauge as part of the D&RG's Marshall Pass Route. Tracks were later converted to standard gauge when the line between Grand Junction and Montrose was upgraded.

A Depot, Section House, Bunk House and Water Tank were part of the original construction. There once was a large coal trestle similar to the one at Sargent. An Ice House was built for shipping the produce grown in the valley and a stock yard handled the livestock.


delta yard 1919.gif (12121 bytes)
Delta rail yard 1919


The North Fork branch line east to Paonia originated in Delta. 






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