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baldwin locomotive works cover.jpg (14177 bytes)Baldwin
Works Catalog

circa. 1910

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Recreated from Baldwin publication printed in approximately 1910.


Class Designation
Grades & Curves
Hauling Capacity & Resistance
Locomotive Types
Tractive Power
Other Terms

THE following pages illustrate various types of locomotives, of both broad and narrow gauges, adapted for logging, plantation, contractors, industrial and general road service. The principal dimensions which are given in each instance are intended as a guide in determining the type and class of locomotive, but modifications call be made in any of the designs  shown in order to meet the special requirements of the purchaser.

The locomotives herewith presented are adapted to the consumption of wood, coke, or bituminous coal as fuel. With the addition of the necessary appliances ally call be adapted to burn petroleum.

By the system of manufacture employed, all important parts are accurately made to gauges and templets; they are, therefore, interchangeable throughout any number of locomotives of the same class. This system permits of any parts needed for repairs being supplied either with the locomotive or whenever subsequently required. Such parts are made to the same gauges and templets as are originally used in the construction of the locomotive, and in this manner the expense of repairs is reduced to a minimum, and the maintenance of locomotive power is attended with the least possible inconvenience and delay. It is only necessary to give the construction number of the locomotive, which is found oil the builder's number plate, ordinarily attached to the sides of the smokebox, and name the particular detail which is required. It can then be furnished from the Works at the shortest notice, guaranteed to fit in place.

Baldwin locomotive plant drawing plan view



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