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Brown, Molly
Gunnison, John
Marshall, William
Mears, Otto
Moffat, David
Nunn, Lucien
Palmer, William
Tesla, Nicola

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Famous People

general palmer portrait eb.jpg (31799 bytes)

General William Jackson Palmer
Founder of the Denver and Rio Grande Railway.

moffat david portrait ctcd.jpg (18724 bytes)

David Moffat
Founder of the Moffat Route.

mears portrait P5240057.jpg (12360 bytes) Otto Mears
The "Path Finder of the San Juans." 
Lt John Gunnison John Gunnison
Explorer of the Gunnison River Basin.
William Marshall
Explorer of Marshall Pass.
[Tesla's Nicola Tesla
Electric Inventor and Genius.
Lucien Nunn
First use of Alternating Current to power mining machinery.
Image Molly Brown
A favorite lady of Colorado, rising from Leadville mining riches to Denver high Society.
ouray ute chief portrait c1880.jpg (57547 bytes) The Utes
Original settlers of the region.

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