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The Walkthru


Activate the Walkthru window by clicking the Walkthru button or by selecting OPTIONS - WALKTHRU on the Reader tool bar. Once selected, the Walkthru window will appear.

The Walkthru window.

You can walk down the tracks of the railroad using the Walkthru feature. This is a fun game-like feature that allows you to explore the railroad.


Taking a Step

The arrow direction buttons on the bottom of the Walkthru window allow you to step ahead, turn left and turn right. By clicking these buttons you step along the railroad tracks. You can also use the arrow keys on the keyboard to make steps.

You can walk along the railroad tracks and turn left and right to see the side views. If you turn left or right twice, you will be moving in the reverse direction because you have turned around. 


Playing Background Sounds

You can have the Walkthru automatically play backgound sounds that will play at random as you use the Walkthru. Click the Background Sound button to activate sounds, click again to turn them off. The button will appear highlighted or depressed when ON.


Selecting the Location

You can select from three different Walkthrus using the drop down list box at the bottom of the screen. Click the down triangle at the right of the list box to see a list of the three locations. Click one of the locations on the list to select it.



As you turn left and right, you will see what is at your side. Sometimes, mainly in the yard areas, you can move forward after turning left or right and take a different path through the railroad. For example, in the Chama yard, if you move forward 15 steps after first starting, and then turn to the right, you will see the Chama Depot and an open door to the passenger area as show below.


Chama Depot open door.

At this point, if you click the forward button, you will step through the door and into the depot:

Inside the Depot


Click the right button and you will see inside the ticket office. If you continue forward you will move through the depot waiting room.

Click the right button again and you will have turned around, and be facing the door from the inside.

Click forward to go through the door and you will be back at your original point.

In this fashion you can move all over the Chama yard. When you are standing on a turnout, you can move left or right to take the other track. If you are standing in front of a passenger car you may be able to step onto the car and look inside. You can move to different tracks at the turnouts, or go through various doorways to explore the Chama engine house, coal tipple and other areas.

In Durango, the Walkthru starts in the middle of Main Street and you will have to turn and move to the Depot just to get onto the tracks.

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