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Searching for Information in Showbook

There are many ways to look at all the information on the Showbook DVD. One way to learn is to just start clicking on things to see what they do. Examine the Menus to see what they say.

You can search for keywords with the Search Window.

You can find information on a Town using the Town Index.

Get details on a railroad route with the Route Index.

To find information on a subject you can use the Table of Contents

Three Ways to Explore

You can select between four operation screens on the Options Menu Bar.  After you select an operation screen, additional controls will appear for that feature.

  • The Showbook Reader shows text articles on different Subjects of interest. In the Reader you see a Text window that contains Images, Drawings, and links to additional subjects.
  • The Slide Show presents images on various subject catagories. 
  • You can wander through photo-virtual worlds using the WalkThru mode.



The Search Window

Activate the Search Window by selecting by Clicking the SEARCH button on the Showbook Tool Bar or by selecting OPTIONS-SEARCH on the Showbook Menu Bar.


To use the Search Window:

  1. Type a word or phrase to search for in the text box located in the upper left corner.
  2. Select the type of search (text, image, whole phrase).
  3. Click the search button.
  4. Select the subject from the list that is generated by clicking the topic in the list. The topic will be show in the Showbook Reader.



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