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Introduction to the Showbook program.

How to locate information in Showbook.

How to use the CAD drawings.

How to print.

How to use the Slide Shows.

How to use the Walkthru.

Technical Support.


How to use Help

Most of the operations in Showbook use standard Windows controls and interfaces. You can get information about using Windows controls and the Windows Help system from the documentation supplied with Windows. 

To activate Showbook Help:

At the top of the Showbook screen use the Menu Bar to select the item: Help. Optionally, you can  press the <F1> shortcut key on the keyboard. 

Using Windows Help:

Windows Help can be found in many locations within the Windows operating system and the applications that run in Windows. You use Help by first activating a particular Help file and then reading the hypertext documents in that file. Help files are included with most individual applications (such as this file you are currently viewing). In addition to Help files for each application there are Help files supplied with Windows for using Help and using standard Windows controls.

To get Help using Windows Controls:

Select a Help item from the Help menu in Windows Program Manager. You may find the animated tutorial about using Windows is very easy to use.

Windows Documentation and Technical Support:

The Windows documentation can be printed manuals that you received when you purchased Windows or it can be electronic in the form of Help files (possibly found on a CD or the distribution diskettes). You should refer to this documentation for information about the Windows operating system that we have not duplicated in this Showbook help file.

There are many ways to reach the Microsoft Windows Technical Support department. Some of the ways are to call the voice phone support, fax a question, or use on-line services. See the Windows documentation for more information.


Showbook Support

Use these help documents for information on using Showbook. If you are having problems view the Technical Support section.



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